Grateful Fred Shop

Here is the “Grateful Fred Sticker" that we give to all the artistes that play at Grateful Fred’s.

It was designed by lovely “Fredheads” George and John Hollingworth.

If you would like one for your guitar/ukulele/banjo/instrument case or to put anywhere else you can purchase them for £1.00 each with a 60p postage cost. (60p covers postage for 1 to 10 stickers).

The adhesive stickers are five and a quarter inches by 3 and a quarter inches.


They told you nothing in life was free……

Well they were wrong.

If you purchase 1 sticker we’ll send you TWO!!

All we ask is…

that wherever you place it that you just send us a photo of where it landed or where you’ve placed it and we’ll add it to the “Grateful Fred Sticker Gallery” with a credit back to you and the description that you send us.

If you can send us a photo of the sticker on your case/instrument somewhere unusual that will be even better…see “The Sticker Gallery" below…

Click here to order stickers.

"The Sticker Gallery"

Grateful Fred’s Kala Uke Bass…all stickered up!!

The “Grateful Fred Cajon”…